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I am fascinated by the universal geometry that exists around us and within us. I find painting geometric shapes meditative; it forces me to slow down and remain in the present. The triangle is of particular interest to me because of it’s relationship to humans throughout history; from the pyramids in Egypt and Mesoamerica to the Holy Trinity and the Illuminati, humans have always endowed this simple shape with meaning and significance. The geometric forms I create allude to both the natural and manmade, while ultimately existing somewhere between abstraction and representation. 


I use glitter, generally regarded as a cheap and unsophisticated material, as if it were paint, blurring the lines between craft and fine art. By combining the sacred element of geometry with the irreverent element of glitter, my goal is twofold: to illuminate the patterns that tie us together, and to present the familiar in a surprising way. 

moon and stars
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